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For the first time in 1950, in an article by gynecologist scientist Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, which was published in the “International Journal of Sexology”, there mentioned a sensitive area located at the front wall of the vagina in women.

Actually, in his article, Grafenberg did not talk about this sensitive spot as a different anatomic area.

In later years (in 1982), Alice Kahn Ladas pointing back to this area once more, in credit to the name of the doctor who first talked about it, gave it the name “Grafenberg spot” or in the way it is abbreviated the “G spot”.

Where is the G spot?

1- Skene’s glands 2- Erectile tissue 3- G spot 4- Uterus 5- Urinary Bladder 6- Clitoris 7- Urinary hole 8- Vagina

In women, 3-4 cm inside the vaginal entrance, on the top wall, right near the urinary channel, there are the “Skene’s glands” that produce fluids resembling the prostate gland in men and erectile tissue that carries the contraction function. This tissue is called the G spot and after its stimulation together with the increase in secretion, stimulation occurs.

Skene’s glands, like the prostate glands in men, surround the urinary channel (urethra) and the source of that famous pleasure is not the front (top) wall of the vagina, but these glands and the channel part of these glands.
(Click for information about female genital anatomy)

What kind of a feeling is it? With the continuous stimulation of the G spot, at first a feeling of urination emerges, afterwards, as long as the stimulation continues, this feeling turns into a fabulous pleasure.

Its existence is still controversial…

Yet, the G spot, whose existence is still controversial within medical circles, has found itself a good place in popular media.
Eventually, in male and female bodies there are many erogenous (open to stimulation) zones and the important thing is the discovery of the “right zones by the right partner”. When it is not deemed possible for a woman to achieve an orgasm just by the stimulation of the G spot without other sexual stimulation, on the other hand a woman may achieve an orgasm just my imagining without any stimulation by hand. Don’t forget that our “biggest and most important” sexual organ is our brain.

The Role of Clitoris in Achieving an Orgasm 
 1- Outer Lip 2- Clitoris body 3- Clitoris 4- Inner Lip 5- Urethra opening 6- Clitoris Skin

The clitoris is situated right below the Mons pubis in women and anatomically is the counterpart in women of the penis head in men.

Right below the clitoris is the urinary hole and right below the urinary hole is the vaginal entrance located. The clitoris, which is seen like a button on the outside, is shaped like a “Y” in the inside. On top and at the sides, it is surrounded by the inner lips.

The clitoris in women, is an area where nerve density about pleasure is high. During sexual intercourse or masturbation, like the man’s penis, it becomes hard. As a result of the filling of the rich blood vessels in it, it has an important function in the female orgasm.

As some women experience orgasm during sexual intercourse with their partners, with the penetration of the penis into their vaginas (coital orgasm), some experience it limited, only by the stimulation of the clitoris by hand.

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