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Vaginismus in Single Girl

Vaginismus in Single Girl

In the recent years many young men and girls plan to experience sexuality at a period before marriage, without delaying it for after marriage.

live this sexual experience for the first time with their partners, there might not be full penetration due to the fact that they contract themselves.

In such a case, after a trial period of a few months, if there is still no full sexual intercourse or the intercourse is very painful, then we advise the couples to first of all pass through a gynecological examination, because most probably the problem is vaginismus.

Gynecological examination only lasts for a few seconds and it is absolutely painless and during the examination the vaginal entrance together with the external genital organs is visually assessed individually.

Gynecological examination may reveal a situation where the hymen is thicker, hard and higher edged than normal. This kind of a hymen is called “rigid hymen”.

In girls who do not have any anatomical problems at the genital region, the cause for vaginismus is “psychological and organic” not different than the married couples and their treatment methods are also like the treatment methods of the married couples.

Single women, who suffer from a sexual relation problem, can, just like the other women, join our treatments at our clinic individually (alone) or with their partners.

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