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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it harder to start a treatment with a male therapist?

In the recent years, many women prefer male gynecologists for gynecological examination and their treatments, and in this matter, interestingly enough, they state that male gynecologists are more sensitive, delicate and meticulous compared to their women colleagues.

Even if starting a treatment with a male therapist seems a bit harder in the beginning, as these troubles are overcome and after a trust relation is established, the treatment progresses faster and it yields more positive results. To get rid of taboos such as embarrassment, shame and prohibitions, which we frequently come across in our vaginismus patients, as soon as possible, supports the treatment process positively.

Therefore, even if starting a treatment with a male therapist seems a bit harder in the beginning, after establishing the necessary trust relation, it is going to be a better option for the progress of the treatment and quickly finding a solution.

Are state hospitals suitable for sexual therapies?

Vaginismus and the other sexual therapies are treatments that take time, require one to one communication and concentration with the patient, and their success depends on patient-doctor trust relationship. Therefore, in places where patient density is high, time reserved per patient is low and material facilities are limited, the success of these kinds of treatments is also limited.

Private clinics, which are more comfortable and suitable for one to one communication and concentration, increase the success of these kinds of treatments.

In this respect, we advise patients to go to private clinics for their treatments instead of state hospitals, private hospitals or university hospitals. The real important issue here is to start a treatment with the right method for you and with a therapist who you can trust.

No matter what I do, I am not able to manage the “finger exercises” that my therapist at my treatment center suggested. What should I do?

At many centers, for sexual treatments in the behavioral approach, finger exercises are conducted or suggested.

Of course there is a technique and easy way for each method. In this case, your relaxation may not be complete, your fears may still be persisting, you might not trust yourself enough or you may not know the way to the anatomic area at the entrance of the vagina.

To lead your treatment by finding the deficiency is the job of your therapist. Yet, if you are persistently stuck at the finger exercises, you may proceed to the other methods that your therapist has suggested.

Can the hypnosis treatment be used by itself only in the vaginismus treatment?

Treatment with hypnosis (hypnotherapy) is a type of therapy that is used “as supplement” to the other treatment methods in psychotherapies and it should never be used as the sole treatment method.

In vaginismus hypnotherapies, the aim is to lessen the fears subsiding in the subconscious or totally eliminate them, to ease the person psychologically and relax all body muscles.

At the Hera Women’s Health Center, we employ hypnosis treatments only to the suitable patient groups and as supplement to the cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches. This way, the treatment time is reduced considerably, patient’s trust in the treatment and the therapist is rapidly increased, problem is fundamentally solved and the risk of future reoccurrences is eliminated to zero.

Yet, it is helpful to repeat that in achieving success, treatments with hypnosis are never sole treatment methods by themselves.

Please, acquire detailed information about hypnosis therapies (hypnotherapies) ----

Although I received vaginismus treatment from a psychologist, I still feel pain during intercourse with my partner. What should I do?

In such cases, there are patients who solve the vaginismus problem by themselves (without professional assistance). Actually, it would perhaps be better to say “to partially overcome” the problem instead of completely solving it.

Vaginismus is the condition of not having any sexual intercourse or as it is in your case to have a painful one. If there is still subsisting pain during sexual intercourse, the contractions of your vaginal muscles might not have decreased enough or you might need treatment about relaxing a bit more.

Another possibility is the problem of “Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome” which is an inflammatory condition at the vaginal entrance. This condition can be diagnosed easily by an experienced gynecologist after a gynecological examination. Although the only solution to this problem is the removal of that area with a simple operation (vestibulectomy operation),there are many people who have taken needless psychotherapies at psychology clinics for months and even years before applying to our clinic.

I live abroad and suffer from vaginismus. My problem is not solved here, I want to come to Turkey for a cure, is my decision right?

Yes. Even though vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction that is seen all around the world, it is much more frequently encountered in our country. Therefore, centers that have many more patient portfolios also have much more knowledge and experience in this matter.

Moreover, as the causes for vaginismus in the Western countries are related mostly to sexual harassment, rape and sexual abuses, in our country they are more about sexuality, misinformation (sexual myths) about the hymen and the first night, social taboos, culture, morality and religion.

It might not be easy for foreign doctors to understand the issues about our culture and system of values. Thus, because of this, many of our patients who live abroad choose our country for treatment in their annual holidays.

It would increase the chance of success for the person to start a treatment with a therapist who knows her culture.

While I was seeking a solution to vaginismus problem, I unexpectedly became pregnant. Are you providing treatment during pregnancy or do we have to wait for the birth?

One of the most frequent questions asked to us at the Hera Women’s Health Center is whether we are providing treatment or not to a pregnant woman who has become pregnant by chance through the way of friction without receiving vaginismus treatment.

It is really possible that a virgin girl may become pregnant without full intercourse through friction during the sexual relation as a result of the discharged sperms at the external genitalia (vulva).

Although it is not a definite rule, we generally do not advise vaginismus treatment to patients who are in this situation. Both the pregnant psychology and the various behavioral therapies that are going to be employed may cause certain undesired problems. Therefore, patients in this situation can wait for their sexual therapies until birth or even 3-6 months after birth.

Having the mother both psychologically and physically relaxed, especially getting over the breast feeding period of the baby, and having the mother feel ready for the treatment would ease the treatment process. Moreover, we advise our patients who are in this situation to have cesarean sections.

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