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Hello, This is a success story.

My story began on 26.05.2013. While everything was nice, exciting, awesome in the morning, at the end of the day, we didn’t get the expected and dream ending.

Firstly we didn’t care about it and thought it was because of excitement. However, we still didn’t get what we expected. I received medical support two times, but they didn't provide the right support and the result was always disappointing.

The time was passing and we just didn’t care and delayed it. The moment we gave up, we met Hera Clinic thanks to efforts of our families (Mothers Burcu and Figen). After we met Hera Clinic and I had my first talk with Dr. Süleyman, I got my self-confidence. Now we took a step and started. Everything was going right after three sessions with Safinaz who I gladly met here. Here is the happy ending :). I can’t describe the happiness I had when I got rid of this problem.

Now, I have better smiles and a happy and peaceful life...

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