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She was very concerned. Her effort was really great.

First of all, I would like to thank you. After difficult and bad 4 years, the God let me know you when I thought I wouldn’t do it, I had to learn to live with this disease. It is not easy to tell, to express, to write. But it is so nice to say that I succeeded it. I understood that it shouldn’t be delayed.

I consulted different doctors but they made me believe in something else. They caused me to feel bad. Surely, support of my husband was very important. The women who have vaginismus need support of their husbands and it will be hard to overcome the disease without this support. I am so happy, I feel so deeply that I can succeed.

I thank to you and your team again. You were so kind, good-humored and patient. No matter how I caused some trouble against Mrs. Safinaz, she was patient, kind as well as dominant. The reason why I’m telling that, some day I thought to escape but she calmed me. She helped me so much to overcome this disease and have the happy ending. I think I wouldn’t do it if it was someone else. She always followed me and checked on me. She was very concerned. Her effort was really great. She treated me as sincere as a sister. I love Dr. Şenay, Dr. Süleyman and Mrs. Safinaz.

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