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We Waited For Nothing For 5 Months

I’m Ayşegül. I was very concerned when I first came to you. I was thinking that I was dealing with a problem that can never be solved. But, I got rid of this disorder in three days thanks to you. I still cannot believe. I would not expect that this problem would be solved in such a short time without any pain. Now, I no longer have vaginismus and we are very happy with my husband. We waited for 5 years for nothing. I realized that I ruined myself for nothing. It was not a problem to be solved only by ourselves. What you do is also a great social responsibility behavior.

I am speaking to those who are considering having treatment; you should come to HERA without no hesitation. They also provide accommodation support. Vaginismus patients should know that they are very safe for vaginismus treatment. I would like to thank Op. Dr. Süleyman Eserdağ and his team for all your services.

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