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Vaginismus and Pregnancy

Vaginismus and Pregnancy

The chance for women, who suffer from the vaginismus problem, to become pregnant through normal ways, is very slim.

However, it is also possible (although it is extremely rare) for women suffering from vaginismus to get pregnant, without experiencing a full intercourse, with their partners ejaculating outside the vagina.

How does pregnancy occur without an intercourse?

The sperms discharged to the vulva (external genital zone) as a result of ejaculation, with their abilities to swim, can reach the vagina and then move to the uterus in the vagina and afterwards pass to the fallopian tubes and by fertilizing an egg discharged through ovulation start a pregnancy. This is a case that is very rarely seen and its chance to happen is very slim.

Becoming pregnant with the supportive reproduction methods…

Unfortunately many couples, who have the vaginismus problem, after the treatments that are insufficient for them, “giving up” the hope for a cure, go to tube-baby centers in the hope of having a baby. Yes, there is the chance for pregnancy with artificial methods such as, inoculation (IUI),tube-baby and microinjection but this would not bring back the sexual relation.

The meaning of sexual relation

The real meaning of sexual relation is to “experience pleasure and joy” and with the right treatment methods that are going to be applied at the right centers, problem can be solved despite its severity.

On the other hand, in the ampoules given for the expensive infertility treatments, there are high dosages of hormone medicines. The hormones, which are injected to the body from the outside either by inoculation or the tube-baby method, have many harmful effects.

Moreover, after a normal treatment, with the start of the sexual relation, the love and respect the couples have for each other would consolidate, the intra-family communication would enhance and the confidence they have for themselves in both their private lives and home lives would increase. Sexual relation is almost like a therapy.

Do not forget that at the vaginismus centers, with the proper treatment methods, 100% solution is possible.

Can there be vaginismus treatment during pregnancy?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the Hera Clinic is whether a vaginismus treatment be given to a woman who had no vaginismus treatment but by rubbing and by coincidence becomes pregnant. In this case we advise treatment to our patients.

Both the pregnancy psychology and certain behavioral treatments that will be given may cause certain problems. Therefore we advise our patients to wait until birth and even 3 to 6 months after birth.

Especially for the baby to get past the breast feeding period, for the mother to relax physically and spiritually and to feel herself ready, would ease the treatment process.

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