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Vulvar Vestibulit Syndrome

Vulvar Vestibulit Syndrome

Vulvar Vestibulit Syndrome (Vulvar Vestibulitis)

Vulva is the name of the external genitalia. Vestibulum is the section between the vagina and the vulva, so it means the “transition area”.

“Vulvar Vestibulitis” or “Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome” means the inflammation of the vestibulum area. Patients with the Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome (VVS) have rashes between the vulva and the vagina next to the hymen (maidenhead). Moreover, this zone is extremely sensual to any kind of touch.

Therefore, people who suffer from the VVS problem encounter extreme pain, ache and piercing pain during sexual intercourse with their partners.
Patients describe this pain that they feel during sexual intercourse as, “as if someone is piercing needles to that area or putting salt on an open wound”.

Many hypotheses have been created and scientific studies have been conducted about the source of VVS (etiology). At first, it has been suspected that the area is infected with HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). By the surgical removal of the inflammatory area the removed tissues were sent for pathological examination, but the conducted examination showed no HPV.

Women who suffer from the VVS problem go to a gynecologist with complaints such as aches, pains and burning sensations during sexual intercourse.

Its definite diagnosis can be easily made by an experienced gynecologist during a gynecological examination as a result of the pain felt after touching the vestibulum area, which is observed to have rashes and edema, with a cotton tipped stick (culture sample taking stick).

Although its definite etiology (cause) is not known, with women who are diagnosed with VVS, the only and most efficient treatment method is the partial removal of this area by an operation.

With these simple surgical operations that are done generally through local anesthesia and only last about 10 to 15 minutes, a definitive cure is provided.

Women’s point of view on sexuality is changing…

In the past, many women thought that even if they had pain during intercourse it was normal, men enjoyed the sexual intercourse, sex was a woman’s duty (like doing the laundry or ironing etc.) and it had to be lived like this and continued to suffer from pain for years.

However, through the information transfer from the internet and the media, in the recent years, our women became more conscious of the issue and their expectations from sexuality increased.

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